Who is Chris J Davis

Posted by Chris J. Davis

I am a Speaker, Author, Developer and Designer among other things. Unfortunately these terms do not define me, but describe who I am now.

Let's see though. There are some things that I can answer. I live in North Texas with my beautiful wife Heather and my son Jakob (the cutest child in the world), and I am currently the Owner and High Muckity Muck at The League of Beards.

I am an international speaker on technology, having spoken at:

I became a committer on the Apache Software Foundation's Infrastructure Team in 2005, and I am a published author:

I am a Subdeacon in the Antiochian Orthodox Church. My faith is incredibly important to me, it is defining one could say. My proudest moment was when I was told by a friend who is atheist, that I was his favorite Christian to talk to. I believe people, and their opinions, should be respected. Here are some things I have said about my trek into orthodoxy:

Heather and I were part of a thriving, dynamic mission that seems to double in number every year or two in Kentucky. Upon moving to Texas we joined an Antiochian Parish in Dallas. I am currently a sub-deacon, with my hope to be ordained to the Deaconate sometime before I die.

I attended Asbury College in Wilmore Kentucky where I studied Art and English mainly, with a little Media Communications thrown in for fun. My emphasis whilst studying art were Figure Drawing and Sculpture, although I dabbled in Painting and Photography as well.

My time there was a mix of miracles and purgatory, I was fortunate to study with some of the finest artists working today in any school or emphasis; but was forced to swallow a large amount of fundementalist ideaology. I am an avid Apple user, and love to introduce people to the Nirvana that is using a mac. I have written some software for the mac, OS 9 as well as X.

I have put that on hold for the time being as I have been pouring most of my (ha!) free time into helping to develop a new blogging platform Habari which powers this site.

I think that is enough for now.