Sillyness Spelled Wrong Intentionally


Space Degree

So as some of you might know, NASA has put the call out for new recruits to the Astronaut program. It's very exciting.

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What isn't exciting is the requirement of a bachelors degree for consideration in the program. Over the last 10 years the world has moved away from secondary and post secondary degrees as an indicator of skill, intelligence & viability and with good reason.

The price of a University education has sky rocketed, while the benefits for many fields has plummeted. Take me for example. I studied art, english and film at university. I have spent the last 18 years working in the tech sector as a designer and developer.

While my art training help immensely in the design world, I have no formal training as a developer. This fact hasn't stopped me from becoming a well known and respected member of the dev community, founding open source projects around programming, speaking around the world on the subject as a recognized expert, and writing books.

As NASA sees it, my knowledge, experience and talents in this field aren't as important as having an incredibly over priced piece of paper that says I paid just enough attention to pass classes for 4 years.

As a child I dreamed of being an astronaut, like so many others. To strike out in the unknown in search of adventure & knowledge that would benefit all of the world. Although I am not physically fit enough to pass the rigors of the selection process, I would argue to my last breath that I am as qualified, if not more so, than many of the individuals would will step up for the challenge.

Do the right thing NASA, let smart people from all walks of life apply to the program. Let their hard work, dedication and will to overcome sift the wheat from the chaff.



I am sure this seems like a simple thing, but for someone like me, taking time to relax is a very real, very important thing.

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I am someone who likes to be busy. I can't stand not having an iron or 10 in the fire, which is why I produce so much stuff. It is also why I typically collapse from exhaustion every so often.

As I am getting older, I am finding the need for relaxation becoming more and more important. Not so much because of exhaustion, although that is a real factor, but for peace of mind.

Moments of silence, contemplation and reflection were once a part of life. Of course it was a part of the life of those of substance, or affluence, but today that is more of us than ever.

It seems in the 20th century we have sacrificed our down time on the altar of efficiency and career.

I, for one, think it is high time we reclaim these moments that our ancestors considered an essential part of life and add them as essential to our lives.

I plan on instituting an hour or two each day that are for these quiet moments. Grab some tea, a good book and a comfortable spot. A trip to the museum to recharge on beauty. Drink some coffee at a spot that has live jazz.

Basically things that are about enjoyment without productivity. A crazy idea I know.



One of the things that has struck me most about my foray into video production, is the sheer joy of it.

Penned 1 year ago.
It was It was 73°F in San Diego, CA and the scattered clouds.
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Very quickly I discovered that something was different. I was feeling something that I hadn't felt in a long time. The simple joy of playing. Sure I am working, but really at the end of the day I am playing.

Playing with new toys, playing with new friends, and playing with new ideas. As we enter adulthood it becomes harder and harder to find things that fill us with simple joy.

The joys of marriage and parenthood are complex, mature forms of joy. They are irreplaceable and precious, but they aren't the same type of joy you felt the first time you flew a kite, or swung on a swing set by yourself.

These simple forms of joy are connected to our child like sense of play. Every time I chase one of my boys through the house, the years just fall off. Before I know it I'm making whooping sounds and grinning like an idiot.

Part of this is because I am playing with these two amazing lives that I am lucky enough to been entrusted with, but a large part is also the fact that for a moment, I'm just a ten year old boy, chasing another 10 year old and his little brother around the living room.

My wife and I are now engaging in this play together. We have two shows that we are both participating in, and it is wonderful. Laughing, giggling and playing like the children we were when we met.

Find opportunities for simple joy, simple play in your lives people. It will change everything.


Tumblr Clothes

The point when you know that your company has gone over the deep end.

Penned 1 year ago.
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You are a website software company, and you have a clothing line. I mean seriously people, a clothing line.

Apparently Tumblr has joined forces with Print All Over Me to offer clothes designed by some of its more famous members. I can't think of anything I would want less than clothes designed by Tumblr stars.

Possibly rabies. Definitely Trump as President. Probably some other things, but clothes from Tumblr? That is super high on the list of Crap No One Needs.



The older I get, and the more things that I work on/at I am finding more and more 90% of success is consistency.

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Whether it be writing, doing VLogs or being a good father, consistency make the difference. When I finally got my site up and running on Apple News, I made the commitment to publishing 3 articles a day, 3 times a week.

This was an idiotic thing to do. I knew that going in. But with effort and consistency I have fallen into a comfortable rhythm of publishing 2 - 3 articles twice a week. Previously I went weeks, sometimes months, between articles.

Merely making the decision to be consistent was enough, ultimately, to achieve consistency. We are such creatures of habit for good or ill. Hacking the habitual nature of our brains can help you achieve some pretty cool things.

I have taken this new found confidence in my ability to hack in consistency, and applied it to the aforementioned videos and soon a web comic.

Will I always hit the mark? Of course not, but I will find a happy medium that allows me to consistently produce quality content, and that's all I can really ask for.

It's all any of us can really ask for at the end of the day.


Love & Marriage

So, Ashley Madison. So much to say, so little reason to care. Seriously.

Penned 1 year ago.
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A friend and I were discussing the scandal over lunch, and it was interesting to me what each of us thought was the real reason for the outrage we are seeing. I maintain that it is the breach of privacy and security, and he believes it is the damage done, or potentially done, to reputation and marriages.

While I agree that his position has merit, I just don't believe we live in a society anymore that really cares about who you sleep with, how and why. Our current culture conditions us to expect instant gratification, with no consequences.

The stigmas that used to associated with promiscuity, divorce, infidelity, etc have been mostly eradicated. There was a time in this country, not that long ago, that a divorce, regardless of the reason, was crippling to your social standing.

I realize that this isn't neccesarily something to mourn. Many women were locked in destructive marriages because of this fact. My point is more to do with the chnage in attitude than the morality of any given position.

Revelations of infidelity or promiscuity were just as bad. Fast forward to the present, and it takes more time to order dinner at a 3 star restaurant than get a divorce. We are raising a generation of "let's just try it" husband and wives.

If it gets hard we can just quit. With no over arching, compelling reason to protect the marriage bond sites like Ashley Madison don't really seem to be that big of a deal.

Hell, 30 years ago, had we the technology we do today, this site would have never have been successful, not because we were purer and more innocent, but because we were more critical as a society.

I honestly don't know which is worse.