Sillyness Spelled Wrong Intentionally


Round Pebbles

I am assuming you have all seen the news about the new Pebble Smart watch, the uninterestingly named Pebble Time Round Smartwatch of Doom!

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Okay I added the last part, but seriously could they not think of something more interesting, or shorter? What seems like a winner on paper:

"7.5mm, marine-grade stainless steel body that's fashionably thin and available in black, silver, or rose gold, and an always-on color e-paper display, with up to 2 day battery life."

Is in reality a tad too little, very much too late. Not only did they release it too close to another high cost product, the Pebble Steel, it lacks any meaningful integration into your digital life, which those of us who would buy a device like this have come to demand.

Had this watch come out ahead of the Apple Watch, it would have been a welcome shakeup to the crappy watches offered at the time. Now it looks like a lackluster attempt at a "We have color watches too!" or even more damning, "Me, too!".

Regardless, it going to be another disappointment from a company that was once so promising. It's a shame really. Pebble changed the game when it needed changing. They just couldn't post up with the big guys when they came calling.



Dear God, here come the electric cars. Not content to let Tesla and BMW have all the glory, it seems like every luxury car maker now has a high end "tesla killer" in production.

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The most interesting part of all of this to me is that all of the car companies interviewed deny that the success of Tesla has anything to do with their current and future plans.

I mean, how idiotic do they think we are exactly? The auto industry, as a whole, condemned electric cars, and no companies were louder in their condemnation were luxury car makers.

Their clientele would never want something that looked like a Prius (and they were right), and there isn't any way to make something so... techy sexy enough for discerning tastes (and they were wrong).

Now that Tesla and BMW have proven their is a market for luxury ecologically sound vehicles, every body wants a piece of the pie. And my God, the Porsche Mission E is the poster child for ridiculousness, on a luxury car scale.

And their hubris knows no bounds. The majority of the tech announced in the car is not only untested and unsound, its fantastical. Charge the battery in 15 minutes using an 800 watt system that doesn't exist, and will cost a fortune to install in your own home.

I realize that the people that have the money to buy a Porsche have the money to pay for this type of idiocy, but what happens when you are on the road and the efficiency of the battery isn't up to snuff?

Your dead in the water, that's what. This car doesn't interface with any of the current standard charging tech, and unlike Tesla, Porsche won't be investing in a network of charging stations that support this new standard.

Why you ask? Tesla's business model relies on 3 cars. All of them electric, and all of them using the same power system. If you can't recharge they are dead in the water, pardon the pun. On the other hand this is one car is Porsche's stable, so an investment of this magnitude makes absolutely no sense fiscally.

And that is just one piece of tech that is absurd in this new car. Eye tracking, and emotion tracking? Give me a break. It's complication for the sake of complication. None of this will make the experience of owning and driving the car better.

On the contrary, it will greatly complicate and degrade the experience of the car. Idiots.


That Keyboard

So in Today's presentation Apple announced a lot of interesting things, from the iPad Pro to the new Apple TV. One of the most contentious items in the new keyboard for the iPad Pro.

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Most people are comparing it to the Surface Keyboard, as they should. They should also be comparing it to any of the dozens of other keyboard ideas, concepts and shipping products that have been created for the iPad, Windows Tablet and Android Tablet market in the last 5 years.

There is nothing new or novel about the keyboard, just as they wasn't really anything new or novel about the Surface keyboard when it came out. The only novel thing about it for me at the time was that MS had actually designed a beautiful piece of hardware that worked well.

Oh, and please. That idiotic cartoon going around about the Surface keyboard unveiling is crap. No one I know was anything other than impressed with it when it was released, and Apple did not say they invented it. They said they created a new keyboard for the iPad Pro, which they did.

People who are marginally clueful don't think that Apple invented it. They did what they always do. They took a concept someone else created, and perfected it. The magnetic connector is a brilliant piece of tech, as well as the new method of creating keys that they came up with for the new MacBook, which really makes the keyboard shine.

People really need to calm down.


Budget Tech

Guerrilla Boys. Guerilla.

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When in doubt, grab your phone and hope for the best.

I have recently jumped, feet first, into the world of online video. Starting with my web series 3 Sheets and now my newly launched VLog "Patio Therapy" I am embracing all things video, which has forced me to get crafty.

While my ambitions are high. my budget is low. For 3 Sheets it's around 500.00, which I have already burned through purchasing a 4k capable camera (GoPro!) and a copy of Final Cut Pro X. For the VLog, my budget is exactly 0.

Luckily for me, I have an iPhone 6, and it has an incredibly capable camera. I mean, a seriously capable camera. With an app like Filmic Pro you can shoot in 2K.

I fully plan on using my GoPro Hero to shoot Patio Therapy in 4k, but I am still waiting for the camera to make it through the bowels of GoPro to my hot little hands. IN the meantime glorious 1080p will do nicely.

While I have Filmic Pro, and it is a beautiful application, I have found that it is overkill for these little VLogs. I film them on my patio in the bright California sun so color and contrast are pretty easy to control. The hardest part is the whole tripod/stabalization issue.

I obviously don't want to do the whole "hold the camera at arms length" deal, and given the $0 budget issue, it was time to get creative. For my GoPro camera I picked up a 3 Way Mount from GoPro and a Tripod Mount Kit.

Add to this an old case for my 6 that I wasn't using and I began to see some solutions emerge. If encouraged in the right way the case fit snugly into one of the Tripod Mount Kit brackets, while still protecting the phone from damage.

A quick setup on one of my old tripods and we have lift off. The quality is outstanding, and the workflow is very, very quick. 7 minutes to record, 10 minutes to edit and then upload to Youtube from within Final Cut Pro X. You can't ask for better than that.

At this point in time there isn't really anything that is stopping from people from turning out high quality video content for the web. And man is it addicting. I am thinking of using some of those college credits from Media Comm, and make a short film.

All on iPhones of course.



You had me at A8

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On September 9th Apple, inc will once again command the attention of the world, and presumably release new miracles of computing prowess.

I don't say this to be flippant. Unlike most people out there who complain that the advances aren't as amazing as they should/could/must be.

I understand the gargantuan effort of intellect, process and logistics it takes to even marginally increase the awesomeness factor of a product known for awesomeness.

The denizens of the internet, those for and against Apple fail to appreciate the beauty of iteration, and most importantly, consistency. Apple is no longer the company that redesigns for redesign's sake.

They have become the company that redesigns for our sake, which in turn is for their sake. The balancing act of keeping your users buying, and happy, while creating a polished. consistent design language and experience is not one that should be taken lightly.

I don't know any company more adept at it, or more enslaved by it, that Apple. September 9th will be a very interesting, and I imagine, important, day for Apple. Introducing the iPhone 6s, while important, isn't where the big bang will come.

I believe that the media invite, coupled with Steve Jobs comment about cracking TV means we will indeed see a new Apple TV that places Siri front and center to the experience.

I'm not too excited about the remote personally since I think physical buttons are still far superior in that setting than anything touch based, but the possibilities presented by integrating Siri into my media experience, coupled with an App Store are tantalizing to say the least.

I have long held that gaming is the place that the Apple TV could really make waves and shine. An App Store, coupled with incredibly powerful hardware could make this finally a reality.

Apple has the best chance of any new comer to the home gaming industry to break the hold of Sony and Microsoft. From day one they will have millions of active users, credit cards on file, that have a proven track record of buying games.

Apple already knows what you want to play, now in your living room as well as your iPad or iPhone. I am very, very excited.


MacOS Quicktip

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From time to time I like to share little tips I have discovered while using my trusty mac.

Today I have two that are pretty cool. One is only really good if you use multiple desktops, the other should be more universally helpful.

So if you are like me and use multiple desktops, from time to time windows will open on the wrong desktop which can be pretty annoying. You could of course used Mission Control to move the window from one desktop to another, but there is an easier way.

Please Note

Most windows will respond to the following tip, but you will find some that don't from time to time. In my experience it hasn't been many. Your mileage may vary of course.

Say you open a png that you just downloaded, and it opens on the first desktop, instead of the 3rd where you are using Photoshop. To quickly move it to the 3rd desktop simply click on the chrome at the top (where the name of the file is located, etc) and without letting go, use the keyboard shortcut for switching desktops.

In my set up I have my desktops bound to command + number, so I would simply perform command + 3 and bam, the image is on the 3rd desktop.

Here's a quick video:

Pretty cool huh?

For our second tip, let's talk about resizing windows. I would imagine that everyone knows you can resize a window by clicking the bottom right corner and dragging. I would imagine a good many people know that recently Apple added the ability to resize the window by clicking and dragging any side.

What I would bet is that less people know that there is another way you can resize windows. You can scale a window by holding down option + shift while you drag, like so:

If you have any great tips for MacOS share them with me on twitter. I love learning new things.