Lifestream, ala WordPress


UPDATE: I have a fix for the time problems.  You need to add the following code right after line 93 of stream.php (that line should look like this: $date = strtotime( substr( $item['pubdate'], 0, 25 ) );):

$date -= 3600*N;

Where N is how many hours you need to remove.  If you need to add time, then change the -= to +=

I really like the concept of Jermey Keith's Lifestream, and after reading Mike's cry in the dark for something akin to this, that caches, I decided to create a plugin/page template combo that replicated Jeremy's code, but using only bits and bots that are present in WordPress.

This doesn't really address much of Mike's needs... I am pretty sure I could easily wedge this data into an RSS feed if I wanted to, but I don't really care to at the moment.  Maybe tomorrow.  What this does do is use the bundled versions of snoopy and magpieRSS to query and render the content.

This gives us built in caching, and a mechanism for retrieving the data that gets around host restrictions on fopen and the like.

There are currently two caveats to this code:

  1. Twitter doesn't have a valid RSS feed, so magpie chokes on it.  A quick trip through feedburner fixes that right up.
  2. I can't for the life of me, get my feed to display correctly.  A trip through Feedburner couldn't even fix it.

So there swell, I have a Lifestream, now I just need to stay on top of updating it.  If you would like to take it for a spin, you can download the code, sans CSS, over here