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Penned 10 months ago 1:37 Reading Time

It was 49°F in San Diego, CA with overcast clouds.
Hillbilly Blood by Chris Stapleton was playing.

After the year we just had, 2021 is going to be a year of slowing down, creating more breathing room for myself as well as my family and reclaiming my well being. While this doesn't mean that I wi...

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Penned 3 years ago 2:18 Reading Time

It was 80°F in San Diego, CA with a few clouds.
Fists of Fury by Kamasi Washington was playing.

**Okay, strap in internet, this is going to be a bumpy, cranky ride.** Over the last year or so I have been forced to re-evaluate one of the core tenants that I live my life by, that came out of my...

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Penned 4 years ago 1:35 Reading Time

It was 78°F in San Diego, CA with scattered clouds.
Against All Odds by Phil Collins was playing.

As I have been carving away at the lump of raw clay that is my first novel, I have become acquainted with the virtue of routine. Traditionally I have not been a fan of routine. I hate planning thin...

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Penned 4 years ago 1:55 Reading Time

It was 80°F in San Diego, CA and the sky was clear.
Fast Car by Tracy Chapman was playing.

**Just a quick one for today!** As more people have begun talking about the [kerfuffle]( that happened two weeks ago, I have seen some of the same...

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