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Penned 4 months ago 0:27 Reading Time

It was 62°F in San Diego, CA and the overcast clouds.
Emma by Little River Band was playing.

So if you have been seeing this line in your Safari console: [Error] Failed to load resource: The file “” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file. (, line 0...

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Penned 11 months ago 1:44 Reading Time

It was 72°F in San Diego, CA with a few clouds.

So, if you are a [homebrew]( using fool like me, and have recently found that your apache install isn't working after a reboot, then this might be the article for you. I had this very...

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Penned 11 months ago 1:24 Reading Time

It was 72°F in San Diego, CA with a clear sky.
Stay by José González was playing.

Do you need to have multiple accounts at the same service, say Twitter or F...

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Penned 1 year ago 0:34 Reading Time

It was 54°F in San Diego, CA with light rain.
When It Don't Come Easy by Patty Griffin was playing.

If you are like me and have been waiting for the day that you have true mouse/trackpad support on the iPad, well your wait is over. As of iPadOS 13.4 you can connect most Bluetooth mice to your iPad a...

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