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It was 59°F in San Diego, CA With a the clear sky.
More Than A Woman (From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack) by Bee Gees was playing.

**AS DESPAIR WASHED OVER HIM, Séamus HEARD THE HIGH PITCHED WAIL** of his grand-daughters battle cry in the distance. Áine had just burst into the clearing where the boy lay dying, not knowing she was...

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It was 74°F in San Diego, CA with broken clouds.
Either Way by Chris Stapleton was playing.

It's that time again, another rough draft excerpt from my novel Hinterlands. If you have any comments or thoughts, you can find me on twitter, or you can comment on this post from twitter usi...

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It was 71°F in San Diego, CA and was hazy.
Up To No Good Livin' by Chris Stapleton was playing.

Enjoy an unedited, rough draft excerpt from Chapter 7 of my novel Hinterlands, Book One of the White Wolf Trilogy.

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