Who am I?

Posted by chrisjdavis

Let's see. There are some things that I can answer. I live in Buffalo, NY (formerly sunny San Diego and formerly, formerly hot and sunny Texas) with my beautiful wife Heather and my sons Jakob (the most handsome teenager in the world) and Alexander (the cutest boy in the world).

I am a co-founder at Filmio.

I am an international speaker on technology, having spoken at:

I became a committer on the Apache Software Foundation's Infrastructure Team in 2005, and I am a published author:

I am a Subdeacon in the Antiochian Orthodox Church. My faith is incredibly important to me, it is defining one could say. My proudest moment was when I was told by a friend who is atheist, that I was his favorite Christian to talk to. I believe people, and their opinions, should be respected. Here are some things I have said about my trek into orthodoxy:

Heather and I were part of a thriving, dynamic mission that seems to double in number every year or two in Kentucky. Upon moving to Texas we joined an Antiochian Parish in Dallas. After the move to San Diego, I am currently serving as Subdeacon (hopefully Deacon sometime soon), at St. George Orthodox Church.

I attended Asbury College in Wilmore Kentucky where I studied Art and English mainly, with a little Media Communications thrown in for fun. My emphasis whilst studying art were Figure Drawing and Sculpture, although I dabbled in Painting and Photography as well.

My time there was a mix of miracles and purgatory, I was fortunate to study with some of the finest artists working today in any school or emphasis; but was forced to swallow a large amount of fundementalist ideaology. I am an avid Apple user, and love to introduce people to the Nirvana that is using a mac. I have written some software for the mac, OS 9 as well as X.

I have put that on hold for the time being as I have been pouring most of my (ha!) free time into helping to develop a new blogging platform Habari which powers this site.

I think that is enough for now.