Announcing QuickNest

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QuickNest is now for sale on Gumroad! It's been 23 days since my last release. Time to set that clock back to 0. I am pleased to announce that QuickNest my newest app is now available on Github under the ASL 2.

I love my Nest thermostat, but find it irritating that I have to grab my phone or log into a website to check the temp or manage the temp. There is an "unofficial" API that has been documented for a while now, so it was a pretty easy task to create an app that allows you to manage everything.

You can download a developer signed build, or you can download and compile the source to take it for a spin. Hopefully when Nest releases their official API this year I can update the app and finally get it in the App Store. That would be nice.

Since the app is free and all that, I would appreciate some donation love if you find it useful, or you want to support high quality open source apps like Two and QuickNest.

You can support my work via a recurring donation through Gittip, or a onetime gift through Square Cash

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy QuickNest!