Another one off the lifelist


So for all of my life, that I knew what cars were at least, I have wanted a Mercedes-Benz. And not just any Benz mind you; I wanted both a 1969 300 SE and a 1989 300 SE.

My Mercedes 300 SE
Well this weekend I have achieved half of my goal. Heather and I (mostly me) have been wanting to get a second car for me to drive around town, you know back and forwards to work, to church etc. With a recent windfall of money, I had $4,000 with which I could purchase a car for said purpose. I started doing some hunting for late model, high mileage cars that would fit my budget and needs. Through this search I located an impeccably maintained 1989 300 SE in Louisville, KY around 100 miles from where I currently live. On saturday we drove into town, dropped off the boy at one of his grandparents, and went to do some shopping. I checked out a 94 BMW 500 i as well as the 89 300 SE (both within my price range) but settled on the Benz. The car is in a word, beautiful.

There are some photos over at Flickr, and there will soon be a section of this website dedicated to my Benz and all the hacking and modding I do to it. Oh, you didn't think I was going to leave it as is did you?