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As some of you may know my wife finished up culinary school before we moved to San Diego, and food has been a large part of our lives since then.

I only have one or two things that I can really cook, which usually isn't a big deal since Heather is more than happy to whip up tasty meals for us. Lately she has been thinking of trying to package up and sell some of her more successful and yummy creations.

I love the idea of this, I mean have a thousand things going on right now, precisely because I love to create things and release them. Encouraging my wife to do the same thing seems like a no brainer.

We are both enamored with the concept of artisan food products, and when I say that I mean real artisan products, not mass produced products that have the label applied.

Taking the time to craft something tasty on a small scale, to really be able to sweat the details, all the way through the process, is seriously cool, and I imagine satisfying.

Given my encouragement of Heather to get going with this, and my never ending quest to find things for us to do together, I have decided to do my own artisan products... pudding!

That's right friends, I am going to be creating a series of tasty, delectable, and addicting puddings. The first 3 flavors will be based on coffee, since it is an incredibly versatile flavor, and much beloved.

My first tasty endeavor will be New Orleans style chicory coffee pudding. Maybe hitting a farmers market near you soon!