Back from the chasm...


Yeah, I had some... bumps along the redesign track, and decided to put this design back up with a few edits.

I will still be working on things behind the scenes, and hope to have a shiny new design ready to go shortly.  What is funny to me is that I started this whole redesign on the eve of the lenten season.  This is especially funny since I will be taking a sebaticle from blogging during lent; which makes the work I am doing on the site a little silly; at least for me.

You see this is why I invited others to join the ranks here in the first place.  I have been blogging or journaling... however you want to title it, off and on since 1998.  That is a long time. This site only has content from 2002 on, but I have linked before to a journal I kept somewhat sporadically in 2000.  Unfortunately I have lost all the content from before that, but the fact remains that at times this gets difficult, even tiring to do; add to that the demanding schedule of work, wife and Church and you see why having other authors is a good thing.

So I will be on sebaticle from February 23rd to April 12, at least from blogging; I might venture out to comment here and there but that will be all.  I am taking this time to dedicate myself more fully to the Life of the Church and to growing as a Husband and Saint in Training.  My wife and I will use this time to become stronger spiritually, and to just simply be together; the television will be resting through this period as well.

I wish you all well and enjoy the other voices here as they take the helm and explore uncharted waters for Sillyness.