CC License Hack


I really don't consider this a breaking of my no-blogging vow since this is the way that I release hacks for Wordpress.

By popular demand I am releasing the hack I wrote to copyright your Wordpress powered blog with a Creative Commons License.  Download the .zip file over here.

Now there will be directions in the zip file, but per usual I will list here the funtion that you need to include in your my-hacks.php file:

function the_copyright() { global $tableoptions, $tablecopyright; $query = ("SELECT option_value FROM $tableoptions WHERE option_name = 'copyright_option'"); $result = mysql_query($query); while ($data = mysql_fetch_row($result)) { $copyvalue = stripslashes("$data[0]\n
"); } $query2 = ("SELECT copyright FROM wp_copyright WHERE option_value = '$copyvalue'"); $result2 = mysql_query($query2); while ($data2 = mysql_fetch_row($result2)) { echo stripslashes("$data2[0]
\n"); } }

That is it for that hack.  Oh and one thing that I left out was that you need to have a .gif file named somerights.gif in the root level of your site. You can use the one I have here, or you can use one of your own making.