So you want to integrate Gravatars into your bbPress install eh?


No problem, simply download this file and upload it to the root of your bbPress installation.

Next, we need to add some code to topic.php located in /bb-templates/topic.php, NOT topic.php located in your bbPress root.  So once you have /bb-templates/topic.php open follow these easy steps:

  1. Place this code: at the top of topic.php just below .
  2. Then decide where you want the gravatar to show up, I placed mine between the posters name and classification.  When you have decided where you want it simply place in that spot.
  3. CJD Gravatar is configured exactly like the stock plugin for WordPress so just follow Tom's instructions and you are golden.

That's it people.  Save topic.php and upload it to your server, remembering it goes in /bb-templates/, not bbPress root and when you load your bbPress install you will magically have gravatars for each of your posters that have an account.