CJD Lifestream 1.0


That's right folks, after development, testing and bug fixing CJD Lifestream for Habari has reached 1.0 with a couple of changes and some improvements.

The code ninja over at Drunken Monkey Labs threw in some time on this release, adding speed improvements and plugin-y goodness.

Lifestream 1.0 takes advantage of the URL parsing and theme system goodness in Habari, so you no longer need to create a page with a slug of lifestream. Simply drop the plugin and theme files where they go, update lifestream.config.xml with your streams and then activate the plugin.

Once the plugin is activated you can find your lifestream at yoursite.com/lifestream.

Caching is now enabled by default, so make sure you have a writeable dir named tmp living at /user/. Oh, and this version of the lifestream ties into the Habari update beacon, so watch your dashboards for updates.

Without further ado, here is your download:

CJD Lifestream

Version 1.0, download it