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CJD Quick Post 0.1

Penned 11 years ago.

 was playing.

I have really become a fan of the "quick post" inline aside thing. It really has played well into the type of blogging I have the time for at the moment.

It began to be a pain to load the admin area and go to the post page, just to write two sentences. So I started brainstorming some ways to make things a little easier on myself.

The solution was pretty straightforward, and with Habari, suprisingly simple to implement.

Using Some jQuery trickery I basically created a lightweight lightbox, that contains a simplified version of the post interface. From there it was a simple task of leveraging the ajax system in Habari to make an authentication based endpoint to post to.

Voila, if I am logged in and on the home page of my site, I simply click on heart and leaves graphic, and I get my quick post interface. Here's an image of the end result:

Quick Posts screenshot

Easy peasy as they say. I am having so much fun with it, I thought I would release it to the wild and see if others find it helpful. See below for the download.

CJD Quick Post 0.1b

Version 0.1b, download it

I hope you enjoyed reading CJD Quick Post 0.1
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