So, as I am working on my new web series 3sheets, I keep looking for new ways to produce content, engage people and add value.

While talking to a co-worker today, he made the great suggestion that we take the audio from each episode and release it as a podcast. It was a really intriguing idea. Podcasts are making a comeback, some going as far to call this the "golden age" of podcasting.

I myself have been hooked on some of these golden age podcasts. My current favorite is Hello from the Magic Tavern a wonderfully performed improve series produced in Chicago.

One of the goals, nay dreams, of my cohort Ian LeWinter and I is to build up 3 Sheets to the point that we have a large enough audience to do other interesting things. And of course make some money to offset production costs.

Having a rich, expansive content strategy is a key to that I think, and starting off providing each episode in two formats is a good way to start. I am planning on providing production diary's for each episode as a glimpse behind the camera.

There are many moving parts to creating a show, whatever the quality, and I imagine that information would be useful, dare I say interesting, to many people. So, if you are reading this, and have a few moments, hit me up at @chrisjdavis on Twitter and let me know your thoughts.

Am I missing some compelling piece of content that could make the act of engaging with 3 Sheets even better?