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Dear God, here come the electric cars. Not content to let Tesla and BMW have all the glory, it seems like every luxury car maker now has a high end "tesla killer" in production.

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The most interesting part of all of this to me is that all of the car companies interviewed deny that the success of Tesla has anything to do with their current and future plans.

I mean, how idiotic do they think we are exactly? The auto industry, as a whole, condemned electric cars, and no companies were louder in their condemnation were luxury car makers.

Their clientele would never want something that looked like a Prius (and they were right), and there isn't any way to make something so... techy sexy enough for discerning tastes (and they were wrong).

Now that Tesla and BMW have proven their is a market for luxury ecologically sound vehicles, every body wants a piece of the pie. And my God, the Porsche Mission E is the poster child for ridiculousness, on a luxury car scale.

And their hubris knows no bounds. The majority of the tech announced in the car is not only untested and unsound, its fantastical. Charge the battery in 15 minutes using an 800 watt system that doesn't exist, and will cost a fortune to install in your own home.

I realize that the people that have the money to buy a Porsche have the money to pay for this type of idiocy, but what happens when you are on the road and the efficiency of the battery isn't up to snuff?

Your dead in the water, that's what. This car doesn't interface with any of the current standard charging tech, and unlike Tesla, Porsche won't be investing in a network of charging stations that support this new standard.

Why you ask? Tesla's business model relies on 3 cars. All of them electric, and all of them using the same power system. If you can't recharge they are dead in the water, pardon the pun. On the other hand this is one car is Porsche's stable, so an investment of this magnitude makes absolutely no sense fiscally.

And that is just one piece of tech that is absurd in this new car. Eye tracking, and emotion tracking? Give me a break. It's complication for the sake of complication. None of this will make the experience of owning and driving the car better.

On the contrary, it will greatly complicate and degrade the experience of the car. Idiots.

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