Estafette via NuclearMoose


I usually refuse to memes, but I thought to myself: "Self I says, NuclearMoose sent this one your way, you have to do it."  And let me tell you there is no arguing with him, I mean you try and he just crosses his arms and clams up; here is a pic of the last time we had an argument... look at him all arm-crossed and sullen.  Jerk.

So anyway, here she goes:

How much music do you have on your computer?
On my desktop I have 853 songs 3.04 gb.

What’s the last album you bought??
U2: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

What was the last song you listened to before posting this?
Kenny Logins: This Is It: Live jazz version

Name four songs to which you listen a lot, or which mean a lot to you.
Awake, Awake O Sleeper

Mad Mission Patty Griffin arrow

Forgiveness Patty Griffin arrow

Never Got Off the Ground Alison Krauss arrow

Who would you like to annoy by passing them the estafette stick?
No one!  The madness stops with me... or maybe Michael or Joen.

So yeah, there I have done a meme.