Gotta role with the changes

This past weekend, and the beginning of this week we moved my home office and started work on the Nursery.

Things are really starting to be real for me with the pregnancy.  Heather is starting to show and we are beginning to rearrange our lives, even our home to welcome this little life into our world.  Every day I get a little more excited.

New Office on Flickr   New Office on Flickr  

I have posted some pics on Flickr of my new home office digs, so go check them out if you want.  Speaking of Flickr, I have been proven wrong, you here that Skippy?  It seems that you were right and I was wrong.  At least at this point the acquisition by Yahoo! has not hurt them.

I recently had a strange problem with my free account and sent an email to the support staff.  Here is my email paraphrased:

Hey, I just tried to upload a couple of pics to my account, and was told that I had reached my bandwidth limit.  Just last week I was sitting at around 20% of my limit, and usually when I upload 5 or so pics I use no more than a couple %, 20% at tops.

Oh and I was using the export plugin for iPhoto.

I received this response today:

Hi Chris,

I don't know what happened -- perhaps your 5 photos were
very high resolution?

Anyhow, I've reset your bandwidth so you can upload more



That my friends is amazing.  I had not expected anything from them, I had merely wanted to alert them to a possible problem.  Just fantastic.  So Corey, from me to you Thanks.