House Beautiful...


Mortgage company fugly.

Yes, that is correct; my wife Heather and I have been going through the process of buying a house for the last six weeks.  And let me tell you that it has been hell, H E double hockey sticks hell.  My discontent arises from the conduct, or should I say misconduct of the woman who is handling our mortgage.  She has been the most unprofessional, rude person I have met.

From spontaneously talking to someone else in the room when on the phone with my wife, and then after three or four minutes saying "Oh sorry, what were you saying?", to this past Thursday evening when she returned a call I left on her voicemail where she basically told me off, and then as I was trying to retort hung up on me.

Now I know what you all might be thinking, hey that $#@%&!  Call her supervisor and complain!  Yes that would make sense and don't think I haven't thought of it!  The only problem is that she is the supervisor, more correctly she is the branch manager, and to go over her head I need to find an area or regional manager.  I plan on doing this in time, but for now I just want to get the mortgage finished so we can move into our house.

I will keep you posted.