I love Friday

So I was browsing medium after a day off where I did nothing productive, from a work perspective, and came across Gary V's latest post about Fridays.

As is his want, Gary drives home the point of the hustle, loving your work, etc. I have come to think of it as the Gary V Theology of Hustle.

Let me just say here, I don't say these things flippantly. I have known Gary for seven or eight years. We met through mutual cool guy Colin Devroe. While we aren't friends or anything, I respect Gary and you can't deny that he has done great things.

I happen to live by a similar set of precepts, but with less shall we say, aggressiveness. I have done my fair share of side hustle, but where that has been one of the keys to Gary's success, I have found my own success came from other tactics and processes.

But this isn't a post about where our Theology of Hustle differs. No, this is the next installment of an apparently ongoing series where I point out alternate viewpoints to articles from people I know and admire.

Don't hate what you do

I agree with Gary's main point, that if you are dreading work on Monday, and just killing time until Friday, you are probably in a job you hate. But that isn't the only explanation for rejoicing when Friday arrives, and mourning the fact that the week is starting again.

Firstly I think the idea that you have to be in a deep committed relationship of passionate love with your job is nonsense. I understand the desire to be, trust me. I have been fortunate enough to have that type of job multiple times.

I have one now.

But I have had many jobs that were good, solid jobs that was more of a platonic relationship. I felt good when I finished the days work, not because I couldn't wait to start the next days work, but because I had worked hard, done a good job and earned a wage that helped support my family.

I went home content, and that has tremendous value as well. For some of us out there feeling content isn't enough, they go home and hustle so that they can continue chasing whatever dream they carry. Awesome, that's how great things start.

But essentially there's nothing wrong with either one. Some phases of your life will be The Contentment, others will be The Hustle. Embrace them both for what they are, and what they can give you.

But don't hate Friday either

Now back to Loving Fridays. I get what Gary is saying, but again I think he focused on a narrative that is to narrow. I hustle my butt off.

Right now I am actively doing the following:

  1. Writing the treatment for a independent full length feature.
  2. Finishing my first Novel Hinterlands.
  3. Beginning work on my first Novella **Tangerine Dreams
  4. Writing songs for my next Jazz album, Jazz, Infused.
  5. Writing songs for my next indie-rock album, Twinge
  6. Creating videos for two YouTube channels, soon to be three.
  7. Writing articles and recording podcasts.

And that's my current side hustle load. During the day I am building a next generation entertainment company. So when I say I am a devoted follower of the Hustle, I mean it.

But I crave Fridays and the weekends. I crave them because they herald the return of the reason I do all of this insanity. Time with my family. I have a wife and two sons that are my world. They are the reason I do everything I do. And they support me in ways that are herculean.

To not honor their hard work of taking my absences, missed dinners and missed karate practices in stride with love and positivity, by dedicating my weekends to them, well that's just monstrous.

Above all else, know what is truly important

Let me say this clearly, all the success, articles and twitter followers in the world are no substitute for hearing my three year old celebrate when I come down the steps Saturday morning, because he knows, he knows, that he, his baba and mama aren't my number one priority for the weekend, but my only priority for the weekend.

And yes, as much as I love my job, and I truly do, Sunday evenings are bittersweet. It means I go back to work to fight the good fight on behalf of creators everywhere, which is inspiring.

But it also means I have to leave my family behind for 6 - 10 hours a day for the next five days to do it. And I hate that. I absolutely hate it. There is no silver lining, no angle from which I can see it any other way. I just hate it.

My name is Chris. I love my job, but I love Friday even more.