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K2 Beta One: Sunday

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It was 60°F in Frisco, TX and the sky was clear.
was playing.

Announcing the immediate availability of K2 Beta One, quite possibly the most advanced Theme ever released for WordPress 1.5.2 powered websites.

I will let Michael do the talking since this is really his baby, but just let me say that I am proud of what has been created. This is like nothing the WP community has ever seen, and I think it is the future of Structure and Style Modification for WordPress.

Working with Michael Heilemann has been a blast; he is a gifted designer and a helluvah nice guy who cares about our little community, and gets the open source spirit. Use this, hammer it and let us know how you like it.

It feels good to have this out on the net, Kubrick is dead, long live K2.

I hope you enjoyed reading K2 Beta One: Sunday
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