Labour of Love

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So I am submitting Beer Sommelier to the App Store today and I have to say, I am quite emotional about it. Not weepy, but nervous.

This app is the most designed, refined and thought out app I have ever designed or developed. It was very much a labour of love, since I adore beer, and would love to know more about pairing a good brew with good food. I am going to do something different with this release. I usually just throw something out into the world and hope for the best.

But not this time. I believe in this app. I believe it is beautifully designed, carefully thought out and well executed. I believe it is fun to use, and more importantly, can make your life better, even if it is by just easing the process of choosing a tasty beverage to go with your tasty meal. I am reaching out to journalists and bloggers in the brew world trying to get some ground swell.

This is good, but what will really help is to have people that love beer to step up and help make this a success. If I can get some traction with this app I have a ton of features planned, from tasting notes and paring diary to more social features (commenting on a brew/food pairing, and suggesting that specific paring to your friends).

To make this happen though I need help. I need the app to make it. I need a certain amount of revenue to be generated so it is feasible to add the new features that will greatly increase my overhead. I need you.

What can you do to help? Easy. Tell all your beer loving friends about Beer Sommelier. Contact any websites or journalists that you know who cover craft beer and point them my way. Flood uncrate with requests to review Beer Sommelier. Get behind me and push. There are people who release an app and it is instantly a success, I'm not one of those people.

But my app could be one of those apps. Don't tell people about it for me, tell them for the app. Tell them for them since knowing what beer goes with what food is a good and worthy thing.

Thanks for reading. If you are a journalist or owner of an influential blog, hit me up on Twitter. Once the app is out, I will be giving out Promo codes like candy. If you just want to try it out and see if it really is awesome, hit me up on Twitter and ask for a promo code if you can't afford the 2.99. I know how that is. If I can help out I will.

Let's do this internet.