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Long Time, No Blog

Penned 6 years ago.

 was spinning on the ol' iTunes.

Man, it has been a crazy year. I went from working for myself, to working with some other guys, and now I am back on my own again.

Life is nothing if not interesting.

With all that being said, I think I will be returning to my site here, and writing more. I love to write, and haven't been afforded much of an opportunity lately. I am still working on my new WordPress book, but progress has slowed as I have shifted what little writing time I have to my first novel.

That's right internets, I am writing a novel.

This month is NaNoWriMo, which I have been doing, on and off, since its inaugural year. I have been absent for a while now, but this year felt like the right one to come back. I am working on the first book in a trilogy, that currently has no name.

Book One of the "Unnamed Trilogy" is Hinterlands. In a nutshell it is a supernatural thriller that I have been working on, plot-wise, for the last 10 years or so. It deals with Vamps, Weres and Ireland.

How can you go wrong with that formula? I will be posting more about it soon, and since I am planning on publishing it, there will be a site, with art from the always amazing Anton Peck, living there. Anton has graciously agreed to create the cover art for the book.

This thing just got real up in here.

I hope you enjoyed reading Long Time, No Blog
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