MacOS Quicktip

From time to time I like to share little tips I have discovered while using my trusty mac.

Today I have two that are pretty cool. One is only really good if you use multiple desktops, the other should be more universally helpful.

So if you are like me and use multiple desktops, from time to time windows will open on the wrong desktop which can be pretty annoying. You could of course used Mission Control to move the window from one desktop to another, but there is an easier way.

Please Note

Most windows will respond to the following tip, but you will find some that don't from time to time. In my experience it hasn't been many. Your mileage may vary of course.

Say you open a png that you just downloaded, and it opens on the first desktop, instead of the 3rd where you are using Photoshop. To quickly move it to the 3rd desktop simply click on the chrome at the top (where the name of the file is located, etc) and without letting go, use the keyboard shortcut for switching desktops.

In my set up I have my desktops bound to command + number, so I would simply perform command + 3 and bam, the image is on the 3rd desktop.

Here's a quick video:

Pretty cool huh?

For our second tip, let's talk about resizing windows. I would imagine that everyone knows you can resize a window by clicking the bottom right corner and dragging. I would imagine a good many people know that recently Apple added the ability to resize the window by clicking and dragging any side.

What I would bet is that less people know that there is another way you can resize windows. You can scale a window by holding down option + shift while you drag, like so:

If you have any great tips for MacOS share them with me on twitter. I love learning new things.