3 pieces of content from one video

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Recently I published a new video on my second YouTube channel CJD Explains, outlining how I am squeezing 3 pieces of content out of some of my YouTube videos. I really think people are leaving a lot on the table by not thinking outside of the box with this stuff.

It takes very little extra effort, for what could be a huge return. In the spirit of the video, I'm going to create some textual content, e.g. this post, to go along with the video. I don't think this particular video will translate well into a podcast.

Step 1: Write a Script

The example I pointed to in the video was my Shannara Explainer series. For those I write a script and practice it. This allows me to have more confidence in what I am explaining, hopefully avoid missteps and "ups" and generally just sound more authoritative.

Since I have gone to the trouble of writing an outline or script, why not create a post using that content? This allows me to have richer content in search engines, which are used as much if not more than YouTube to find content to consume.

So easy, peasy, textual content handled.

Step 2: Make a Podcast

This has more setup, but once you do the initial work, its literally a few clicks and an upload. I'm not going to go into how to setup a podcast in this post, but trust me it isn't hard. My recommendation would be to go get yourself a blog on WordPress.com (it's free) to upload your podcasts to, and to point Apple and Google at.

You can do it all yourself like me, but you aren't crazy are you? I didn't think so. So once you have the site setup and have created the required accounts with Apple and Google, you just need to create your podcasts. Thankfully that is dead simple. All you need to do is open your video file you have exported from your editor of choice in a program like Quicktime, and do an "audio only" export.

The file that is created is your podcast, all done no cursing necessary. Simply upload this to your site, and you are done. Couldn't be simpler.

Step 3: There is no step 3

And that's it. You now have a video to upload to YouTube, a post on your website to be indexed by search engines and found by your prospective audience, and a podcast for people to listen to.

Remember to link from each media type to the others, for instance in the blog post link to the original video, and the places your are hosting your podcast, and vice versa.

Okay that's it. Super simple to do, but incredibly powerful. Go get on it people. Times a wasting.