MyPirateTV, care of TiVo


So while taking a break from working, I checked out TiVo's site, in hopes that they had come to their senses and lowered the cost of the Series 3 box, I noticed a link to a press release that had an interesting title.

TiVo announces plans for even more choice in bringing Web video content to the TV.

So I click through, and eventually land on this press release.  In a nutshell, this service allows you to set up 'virtual television stations' to transmit your home movies to friends and family who have TiVo's.

But of course, I see a much more fun use of this service.  Why transmit home video, when you can send that episode of Doctor Who you just retrieved from bittorrent instead?

Or what I would enjoy doing, set up a channel that streams a lineup of shows I think my friends would be interested in, an episode of Heroes here, an episode of Avatar there; they could then sign up for the channel, get their season pass, and enjoy new shows every time I upload them.

That, would be hot.