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Yes I know we all have these, and for the most part we don't talk about them.  But there is something illuminating, even endearing about knowing how silly people are sometimes.

So with that introduction, here is my Guilty Pleasures Confessional for this month: I am now a huge Natasha Bedingfield fan... huge I tell you.

Natasha Bedingfield

I am not sure how anyone who loves music could not be a huge fan of this brit, she can sing, my gawd can she sing, and her writing while not inspired is interesting and approaching clever.

Here are just a few of the lyrics from her single 'These Words' which is getting pretty massive radio play right now:

Read some Byron, Shelly and Keats
Recited it over a Hip-Hop beat

I'm having trouble saying what I mean
With dead poets and drum machines

I know I had some studio time booked
But I couldn't find a killer hook

Now you've gone & raised the bar right up
Nothing I write is ever good enough

Not to mention the music is hot.  Add this all together and you get a really fun album. Well worth your money.

I am not a big fan of memes, but I think that it would be interesting to see what each of us would consider a 'Guilty Pleasure' since to me it might not be, and so on.  If you decide to reveal your own GP, please let me know through a comment here, or a track/pingback.