New Toys...

I am writing this from my brand new toy, a 12 inch powerbook!

12 inchpowerbook

I have been laptopless for quite awhile now and have found it to be although not very much fun, not that huge of an inconvenience.  Untill now.  The Top-Secret Project that Skippy, LaughingLizard and I are undertaking combined with another top secret plan that I cannot mention yet have neccesitated that I once again join the mobile computing crowd.

I just love technology.  I haven't had the machine long enough to really write up a proper review, but I will say that man it is Shiny.  I luckily decided to go with the top-o-the-line 12 incher so I should have more than enough oomph to get me through for a good long while; once I upgrade the ram that is.

That is one of the things I don't get when it comes to Apple.  I wish they would get thier act together when it comes to the RAM issue.  But I digress, the machine is nice regardless.  When I have lived with it for a bit I will post a proper review.