WordPress Support for "nofollow"


Well I am sure you have heard about the "nofollow" initiative making its rounds, courtesy of google.

It has come to my attention that this plugin borks on most installs of WordPress.  Apparently most of you out there are using to get the link to a comment authors site.  This is BAD since you are not able to do things like set the title property, so I don't use that setup, I use the following:
Until I have this sorted out you should use the above code.

Most of the biggies in the weblogging world have signed on thier support including our own glorious leader Matt Mullenweg (no official announcement as yet).  Thinking that this is the bees knees, I have whipped up a plugin to add this to your sites.

Using wp-google-redirect.php from Mark Ghosh as a basis I have hacked together Google Redirector and Spam Annoyer.  Just download and install, that is all there is to it.  Enjoy.