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You had me at A8

Penned 2 years ago.
It was 75°F in San Diego, CA and the sky was clear.
Noon Moon by Bear in Heaven  was spinning on the ol' iTunes.

On September 9th Apple, inc will once again command the attention of the world, and presumably release new miracles of computing prowess.

I don't say this to be flippant. Unlike most people out there who complain that the advances aren't as amazing as they should/could/must be.

I understand the gargantuan effort of intellect, process and logistics it takes to even marginally increase the awesomeness factor of a product known for awesomeness.

The denizens of the internet, those for and against Apple fail to appreciate the beauty of iteration, and most importantly, consistency. Apple is no longer the company that redesigns for redesign's sake.

They have become the company that redesigns for our sake, which in turn is for their sake. The balancing act of keeping your users buying, and happy, while creating a polished. consistent design language and experience is not one that should be taken lightly.

I don't know any company more adept at it, or more enslaved by it, that Apple. September 9th will be a very interesting, and I imagine, important, day for Apple. Introducing the iPhone 6s, while important, isn't where the big bang will come.

I believe that the media invite, coupled with Steve Jobs comment about cracking TV means we will indeed see a new Apple TV that places Siri front and center to the experience.

I'm not too excited about the remote personally since I think physical buttons are still far superior in that setting than anything touch based, but the possibilities presented by integrating Siri into my media experience, coupled with an App Store are tantalizing to say the least.

I have long held that gaming is the place that the Apple TV could really make waves and shine. An App Store, coupled with incredibly powerful hardware could make this finally a reality.

Apple has the best chance of any new comer to the home gaming industry to break the hold of Sony and Microsoft. From day one they will have millions of active users, credit cards on file, that have a proven track record of buying games.

Apple already knows what you want to play, now in your living room as well as your iPad or iPhone. I am very, very excited.

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