Random Thoughts for Today

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It's one of those days. Random thoughts, hair brained schemes and half-baked plans. Basically awesomeness in a bottle.

What does a brother need to do to get @AliciaKeys, @TheRoots and @JohnLegend to form a super group with the horn section from Chicago? Why would I want this you might ask?

Well friend it's simple. I want a tribute album of @EarthWindFire standards, re-envisioned by the above artists. Want isn't the right word. Need is more appropriate. Why would I want something like this? Well obviously cause I love all the artists listed, and you know World Peace.

What? How would this bring us World Peace? Well, that's pretty simple really. I see it going something like this.

  1. The aforementioned artists assemble! Making the greatest music of their illustrious careers. 
  2. The album is released and redefines what it means to funk. Listeners are blown away by the musicality and raw, unfiltered majesty of the writing. When they look into where this awesomeness came from, they find Earth, Wind & Fire.

It is a scientifically proven fact that it is impossible to wage war while also listening to "Boogie Wonderland". Impossible I tell you.

So, what songs would I see each of the major players mentiomed above showcasing on? Oh, that is simple.

Ah, I guess a boy can dream.