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I am sure this seems like a simple thing, but for someone like me, taking time to relax is a very real, very important thing.

Penned 2 years ago.
It was 74°F in San Diego, CA and the sky was clear.
Mexico by James Taylor  was spinning on the ol' iTunes.

I am someone who likes to be busy. I can't stand not having an iron or 10 in the fire, which is why I produce so much stuff. It is also why I typically collapse from exhaustion every so often.

As I am getting older, I am finding the need for relaxation becoming more and more important. Not so much because of exhaustion, although that is a real factor, but for peace of mind.

Moments of silence, contemplation and reflection were once a part of life. Of course it was a part of the life of those of substance, or affluence, but today that is more of us than ever.

It seems in the 20th century we have sacrificed our down time on the altar of efficiency and career.

I, for one, think it is high time we reclaim these moments that our ancestors considered an essential part of life and add them as essential to our lives.

I plan on instituting an hour or two each day that are for these quiet moments. Grab some tea, a good book and a comfortable spot. A trip to the museum to recharge on beauty. Drink some coffee at a spot that has live jazz.

Basically things that are about enjoyment without productivity. A crazy idea I know.

I hope you enjoyed reading Relaxation
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