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Round Pebbles

I am assuming you have all seen the news about the new Pebble Smart watch, the uninterestingly named Pebble Time Round Smartwatch of Doom!

Penned 3 years ago.
It was 86°F in San Diego, CA and the haze.
Criminals by MS MR  was playing.

Okay I added the last part, but seriously could they not think of something more interesting, or shorter? What seems like a winner on paper:

"7.5mm, marine-grade stainless steel body that's fashionably thin and available in black, silver, or rose gold, and an always-on color e-paper display, with up to 2 day battery life."

Is in reality a tad too little, very much too late. Not only did they release it too close to another high cost product, the Pebble Steel, it lacks any meaningful integration into your digital life, which those of us who would buy a device like this have come to demand.

Had this watch come out ahead of the Apple Watch, it would have been a welcome shakeup to the crappy watches offered at the time. Now it looks like a lackluster attempt at a "We have color watches too!" or even more damning, "Me, too!".

Regardless, it going to be another disappointment from a company that was once so promising. It's a shame really. Pebble changed the game when it needed changing. They just couldn't post up with the big guys when they came calling.

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