Shannara Explained:S02E04

Hey Shannara fans, time for my spoilery top 10 list for the fourth episode.

10: Deals with the Warlock Lord

So Leah made a deal with the Warlock Lord, interesting. This just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Is there anyone that she won’t make a deal with sheesh. It has become more and more obvious to me that Leah has become The Federation.

And I really, really don’t like that.

9: Elfstones

Come on, I just said in my previous video them just “magically” having the elfstones would be crappy, and look at that, Eritrea found time to grab them while they were running for their lives. Ugh.

I just can’t. Moving on.

8: Bandon

Well, well, look who is getting their very own druid ritual marks. This would begin to explain how his power has been growing beyond just that of a seer. Each of those bestows a new ability to him I would imagine, just as they have with Allanon.

I have been wondering how the Warlock Lord will actually come back. I am beginning to think it will be through Bandon. It’s as if his body and soul are being conditioned to be the perfect vessel.

7: Shea Ohmsford

Huh, the Wolfstagg. Interesting decision. I actually like this twist to the story. It always seemed odd to me that they had the sword on display away from the only people who can actually use it. It would be like the Sword of Leah being on the wall in Shady Vale.

Just strange and not useful. But for the love of mike people, could we stop crapping on Shea. Now he beat Wil, with the a stick for touching the Sword of Shannara, when he found him playing with it?

I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle, honestly.

6: Bandon’s Test

Sheesh. Forget my earlier comments about him being redeemed. Dude is off the deep end, and then some. The idea of Flick having to be there with him while this unfolds is interesting as well. He went through the battle to save the Four Lands from the Warlock Lord once before and it cost him his brother.

There is a real opportunity for drama here as he is forced to watch it happen all over again with the knowledge that his nephew, all that is left of his brother, is now in danger as well.

5: King Ander

I’m very happy that we are able to see Ander grow into the King he becomes in the books. From a drunk good for nothing to a capable, dependable king. There is a thread through all of Terry’s work that involves the least likely people rising to become champions, and it’s good to see this play out with Ander.

4: Shea’s Grave

Wow this was odd and beautiful and sad all the at the same time. Giving Wil a moment of happiness with his father, to balance out the bad was really well done. But, for real, why does he look so well preserved. And what, he doesn’t smell?

At last though, something good and kind for Shea. Hopefully they lay off him for awhile now.

3: Allanon & Mareth

I was hoping for some good scenes with them, and we got them. I was assuming that they would use magic as a reason that Allanon couldn’t have kids, although I wasn’t thinking it would be the Druid Sleep, since it is a recharging type of magic.

I think that Allanon suspects the truth, that her parentage is much, much darker, which explains his line of questioning.

2: Fall of the Crismon

I know that they aren’t technically out of the game yet, but with this episode and the previous one, they have been dealt some mighty blows. Their weapons shipment was stopped, their point person on the inside of the Royal House is gone, and they have been suffered a humiliating defeat on their home turf. It seems like Riga is become a bit unravelled as well. All bad things for the little terrorists that could.

1: Swords in Leah

Notice I didn’t say the Sword of Leah, just swords in Leah. A lot of us have been wondering about the Sword of Leah, does it exist in the TV universe, if so who has it, etc so it was cool to have this little easter egg, that Leah makes special swords, that can be identified just by look and feel.

This might be a clever nod to the Sword of Leah either coming in the future, which would be cool.

Also, as an aside, the Queen of Leah has a necklace that lets her know when magic is being used around her? That seems handy. Why doesn’t everyone have one of those?