Some updates, Shuttle and Stuff


I thought now would be a good time to stop and do some reflecting and answer a question or two that have been posed to me over the last few weeks.

First Up: Shuttle

Ah yes, one of the questions I get the most often is "What is up with Shuttle?", or "What is it like being on the team?"  I thought I would take just a moment to give an answer to these questions.  Okay, So What is up with Shuttle?TM

Shuttle is moving into a pretty important step in any project, namely we have become comfortable with each other, and can really speak our minds.  It is important to understand that Shuttle is about a paradigm shift in WordPress Identity and Usability.  This isn't your run o' the mill admin theme rewrite.

This means that the process is involved and intricate.  It also means that you will be amazed at some of what is being created, I have seen the future of WordPress and it is bright.  Having said all that, we are I feel, very close to closing in on a strong, polished Identity.  Once that has been identified the rest just kind of flows from there, and it will start acclerating by orders of magnitude.

Now on to the next question, "What is it like being on the Shuttle team?"  Well I thought the best way to show you what it is like is to show you some pics I snapped from our last meeting.  This is usually how it goes, either Matt, Khaled, Michael or Joen will put a design or PhotoShop sketch on the table, I took this pic of them perusing a write screen comp created by Joen:

Now you may be asking yourself, "Hey Self, where is Chris in this picture?"  Well other than the fact that I took that picture knucklehead, they don't exactly let me in on those little perusal groups, but Michael did get a shot of me ranting about grouping like form elements together logically:

Yeah, for some reason I thought it was talk like a pirte day and dressed for the occasion.

So yeah as you can see our monthly meetings are very productive, I wish we could move out of the cave though it is murder on my skin.

And now for something completely different

Over the past couple of days I have taken the time to stroll down memory lane if you will.  I have had this particular blog since 2002, that is three years of daily, sometimes weekly writing.  I was tending to one of my older posts, sometime in August of 2003 I believe, fixing a broken link and I noticed that the next post was one that I had really enjoyed writing.

So I clicked on the link to go to that post and read it, and read the next one and the next one and so on.  Before I knew it I had reached the first post on Sillyness, posted in May of 2002.

For all of you out there who have a couple of years or more of content, I highly recommend taking a moment and revisting some of your older posts and the conversations that were sparked by it.  Very cool.  It is interesting to see where you began, what topics really interested you, and contrast that to where you are now.

It was eye opening for me to see how little I used to post about computer programming and development, contrasted with now where it seems as though every other post is about some plugin or other for WordPress.  Not that I don't love developing for WordPress, its just that at one point I had things to say, some silly and some not quite so silly.

I think that I am going to try to get back to writing about a wide range of subjects, and not focus so intently on WP for awhile.