Spider-man 2


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Well I have now seen Spider-man 2 twice, and I must say that it stil holds up even after the initial fan-boyism has worn off.

The movie is not perfect by any means, but I think it is now officially my favorite sequel. Danger!  Danger Will Robinson!  Danger Spoilers Ahead!  Consider yourself duly warned.

I had planned on writing a detailed, three part review of the film, but I am thinking that anything that I would have to say has already been said many times.  So I will just make a few comments.

  1. The CGI was indeed an order of magnitude above the first film, but still fell short of the holy grail, Gollum created by WETA Digital.
  2. Can I tell you how refreshing it was to sit and watch plot and character development in a super-hero genre movie?  I thought the scene with Peter and the Octavius' discussing love and life was just brilliant.  In contrast to The Hulk which attempted the same formula, I think that this film struck the right balance of plot/character development and action for American audiences.
  3. And man, was Alfred Molina just amazing or what?  I can think of no one I would rather have in that role now.  And I thought the inclusion of the sentient tenticles was a very good updating of the Doc Ock mythos.

That is from me for now, what do you think?