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That Keyboard

So in Today's presentation Apple announced a lot of interesting things, from the iPad Pro to the new Apple TV. One of the most contentious items in the new keyboard for the iPad Pro.

Penned 3 years ago.
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Most people are comparing it to the Surface Keyboard, as they should. They should also be comparing it to any of the dozens of other keyboard ideas, concepts and shipping products that have been created for the iPad, Windows Tablet and Android Tablet market in the last 5 years.

There is nothing new or novel about the keyboard, just as they wasn't really anything new or novel about the Surface keyboard when it came out. The only novel thing about it for me at the time was that MS had actually designed a beautiful piece of hardware that worked well.

Oh, and please. That idiotic cartoon going around about the Surface keyboard unveiling is crap. No one I know was anything other than impressed with it when it was released, and Apple did not say they invented it. They said they created a new keyboard for the iPad Pro, which they did.

People who are marginally clueful don't think that Apple invented it. They did what they always do. They took a concept someone else created, and perfected it. The magnetic connector is a brilliant piece of tech, as well as the new method of creating keys that they came up with for the new MacBook, which really makes the keyboard shine.

People really need to calm down.

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