I Got the Call

That's right, I got the call from Apple Computer on the 25th of this month.  Now what could this call be all about you might ask?  Yeah I was asking that too actually, so let's sit back and imagine shall we?

the call

1: Random Chance

Was it finally my moment in the sun?  Had some Random Apple V.P. of Something Really Important stumbled across Sillyness and was blown away by my prose and mad design skillz, prompting them to pimp me to his Big Headness The Jobs and now there is a position waiting for me at Cupertino?  Will I now be able to have lunch on "the campus" with people like David Hyatt and Dunstan Orchard?  Do I get a standard issue black turtleneck and Reality Distortion Field?  Or am I under the influence of said field at this moment?

2: What could have been, just may be

Ooh, ooh or was the call in response to my aborted application for the web design job that is now being advertised?  Had some Middle Manager of Coolness seen my entry and then on a whim searched out my website thereby starting a chain reaction of ooh and ahhs that culminated in being blown away in much the same way as Random Apple V.P. of Something Really Important from scenario 1?  Was this call the first overture of Corporate Courting, complete with a leer jet ride to Cupertino for a more personal interview with the Jobsovian Hordes?  Or is a lack of sleep and a lack of artistic fulfillment at my current job leading me to this delusion?

Well gentle reader, to make a long story a bit longer, neither of these scenarios are correct.  No, the truth is a completely different scenario all together.

The follow-up call

Having that type of nature that demands mysteries be solved I called the number in my caller ID.  And you know who was at the other end of that call?  Who picked up the phone and said "Thanks for calling Apple Computer"?  A freakin machine that's who.

Apparently Apple was just following up on my laptop purchase, trying to whore me some applecare or to tell me about, get this, Mac OS 10.2... 10.2, seriously people update your freakin automated dialer programs!