The cat, she is out of the bag


Well I guess it is now okay to talk about this little endeavour since khaled has seen fit to announce it and all.

Wow, talk about a "dream team" Michael and khaled are both fine designers and I think between Joshua and I we can handle anything code-foo wise that should rear its ugly head.

Hmmmm... I think we should call ourselves the A Team... cause you know they had a smokin van.

So gentle readers, taking a cue from khaled, what are you looking for in a new, shiny improved backend for WordPress?  What we will be creating is a top -to-bottom conversion of the admin area.  New UI and layout as well as new functions I would imagine.  I have some ideas for some productivity functions that I am going to be hacking on, and I know that Michael and khaled will have some technical hurdles for Joshua and I to jump through as well.  Should be fun.

So leave your gripes/complaints/wishes for a new UI in the comments here so we can start to get a picture of what we are dealing with.