The Siri Equation

Not too long ago, my friend and co-hort in Habari things, Morydd asked me how I was using Siri on my iPhone.

You see, not too long ago I tweeted poetic about siri thusly:

And I stand by my statement. Both my wife and I have quickly integrated Siri into our everyday lives, and it is wonderful.

I have found myself using Siri mostly for two things:

  1. Reminders & Appointments
  2. Searches

I am out and about quite a lot, running errands, going to meetings, etc. I am no where near my computer or one of my iPads, but my phone is always with me. I can easily invoke Siri and in the span of a few seconds create meeting reminders, set appointments, etc.

I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be able to just say a few sentences in the general direction of my phone, and have that stuff taken care of. Set it and forget it. Add to that the Geo-fencing capabilities of the phone, and you can set these things to be triggered when you reach a certain place.

That, has some serious possibilities we haven't event tapped yet.

The other thing I find myself doing alot is using Siri to find places to meet for lunch meetings. Again the plain speech interface is amazing. I can find a place to have the meeting and then send it to the people attending, all with my voice.

My wife, the Honor Society Chef in Training uses Siri on her iPhone for reminders about class, recipes she might be working on and the days she is working as the Sous Chef for our favorite greek restaurant.

She can easily have Siri remind her when she gets home about, say, making the hummus thicker next time by adding less tahini sauce, or not to let the Phyllo sit so long before giving it a covering of honey.

Just as quickly as she can speak them, these thoughts are captured and scheduled as reminders that activate when she has some downtime and can really let it sink in.

Siri quickly has become a integral part of our lives, making the task of noting things, and remembering them almost effortless. The only thing I want that Siri doesn't do is be able to say things like:

Remind Heather we need eggs today.

Which would create a reminder in Heather's reminder list. Someday soon hopefully. Well this is just a short little missive about how we are using Siri in our daily lives. Hopefully it will be helpful for someone out there. If you have any tips on how you use Siri, feel free to leave them in the comments.