There are no words

In other news I am apparently a Design Ninja!  And with that I have joined the ranks of the ninja elite, there can be no higher compliment.

There are just no words to describe the overwhelming coolness that is Apple product releases.

I am blown away.  I am undone.

  1. Mac Mini This is the sweetest machine Apple has released in a long time.  I am definately getting one at the earliest possible moment.
  2. iPod Shuffle Some peoples opinions not-with-standing I will be buying at least one of these, if not two very, very soon.
  3. iLife 05 Every year since its inception I have purchased iLife, and every year Apple makes it worth buying it again.  Just crazy.
  4. iWork finally. I have been waiting for this since the moment AppleWorks made me cry the last time and I moved to Office.  I had high hopes for Open Office but they have been lagging behind more and more, now they can take their time.

This is a good year to be a mac user.  See images on Michael's Flickr page, then go and spend money.