Tuesday Nights


I posted some pictures from my Tuesday Night gaming group, this time it was a WAN party featuring Age of Empires II.  You can see some of the pics here: Geek Orthodox Album.

In other news I picked up a new Digital Camera yesterday and I must say I am pleased with it.  I opted for a combination of value and image quality, picking up the FujiFilm FinePix S7000.  The S7000 features a nice heavy, anolog feel great for those of us who cut our teeth on SLR cameras like the N90 and F5.  The image quality is actually quite good for its price range, 6.3 million effective pixels, or ~6.3 megapixels for around $550.

You can find other stats such as focal length, apeture settings and exposure modes on this page.  Anyone who is looking for a good, affordable digital camera, should definately give this one a look.