Unity3d for Filmmaking

So, long time no post.

It's been pretty crazy year building out the technology for Filmio, getting up to speed on the brave new world of Blockchain Tech, all while still trying to work on my first novel and building out my YouTube channel.

To say that my time to devote to writing here has been limited would be an understatement. But, I do love to write here, and I mean, 17 years is a long streak. I wouldn't want to mess with that legacy, now would I?

Which brings me to this post. An announcement post, my favorite kind. As I am now a co-founder of an Entertainment technology company, I thought it was high time I got to work on my entertainment chops.

I have a history of writing and acting, but I haven't produced any long or short form content for the screen or web, which is a bit crazy, given how much I love content for both of those destinations.

Oe could say I am doing that on my YouTube Channel, CJDExplains, and sure, I am making content for YouTube, and people find it entertaining, but it isn't the type of content I'm talking about here.

So being me, I've decided to do something about that, and what better way than to create an animated show for the web! I mean, the reason, of course, is that it's crazy. But if I let that stop me, I wouldn't have accomplished much in my life, so here we go again. The video linked in the hero is some test footage for a show I'm developing. A Noir infused story set in a sci-fi world.

I'm incredibly excited about it, as well as the software I am using to create it, which is the real reason for this post. Deciding to buck convention, I am using Unity3d, a game development suite, to create this show. The reasons are many and varied, but it mostly boils down to the speed of iteration and ease of use.

Over the coming weeks and months, I am planning on documenting my journey creating this show, and sharing the things I am learning about using Unity to create a serialized story. I hope you follow along and ask questions and offer suggestions to make this the best journey it can be.

I'm pretty excited for the future!