When good redesigns go bad...


I won't post much here about this issue, since the comments that have been left at Design by Fire say mostly what I would, only I would say them in a much less hero-worship-y tone.

Unfortunately Andrei Herasimchuk, who is an incredibly talented designer has fallen victim to the fallacy that print design can ever work on the internet.  From a usability, accesability and well, logical standpoint that is just not possible.  I am not advocating that the "concepts" employed in print design have no place in web design, that is of course blatantly false.  Having worked in Print Design for a number of years, I use the lessons learned there in every piece of design I create that is meant to convey meaning to a reader.

Again I am not going to restate the obvious flaws in Herasimchuk's design, but I just wanted to point some of you budding weblog/website designers to the conversation that is going on over there about this, and show you how even the most gifted designer can drop the ball from time to time.