Why I am a MacHead

Welcome MacSurfer readers!  I hope you enjoy reading my little snippet here, and please by all means leave a comment!  I would really like to hear from other Mac users on this.

People often ask me why I choose to be a mac user; the questions usually fall into 3 camps:

  1. What is it you find more appealing, or better on the Apple platform?
  2. Why would you want to lock yourself into a platform with so few games man!!?!  You're missing out on the games!!?!
  3. You must be an idiot that doesn't know much about computers, you must b0w d0\/\/n +0 +h3 m45+er h4xx0r!

Yeah, so believe it or not I am getting way more camp #1 questions of late which is a great change in statistics.  In recent years it has usually been either 2 or 3 that held the number one spot.

Today I finally decided what my answer will be to all of these questions: class.  Class is not something you can buy, or steal or copy it must just be.  And that is what apple has, class.