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WordPress By The Numbers

Penned 6 years ago.

 was spinning on the ol' iTunes.

After many false starts, soul searching and general laziness, I have finally launched WordPress By The Numbers.

The first chapter covers the initial buildout of a plugin that Integrates your feed into your WordPress site. I will be releasing one chapter a month for the next 9 months.

Each chapter comes in PDF and eBook format, with a full code download.

As some of you may recall I conceived of this idea many, many months ago and immediately started working on it. Unfortunately life got in the way and it sat abandoned. Well lucky for you I found some time to dust it off and revamp it.

Pay 60.00 for 3 chapters.

For a refresher, I have written two books for traditional distribution, but for a tech author there isn't much money, control or satisfaction down that path. I started thinking of a better way to write my next book, and that is where By The Numbers came from.

Most people spend 50 - 60 dollars on a book that contains only 2 or 3 chapters they actually care about. But since the books are produced in toto, you are forced to pay for content you don't need. With my By The Numbers books, that problem is addressed.

Each book is released chapter by chapter. Each chapter will set you back $2.99. You only buy the chapters you think are applicable to your situation. Only care about plugins? The chapters covering creating a plugin would set you back $8.97.

Want just the chapters on themeing? $8.97. Want the chapter on caching in WordPress and getting the most out of the functions file in your themes? $5.98.

Where's the community

You aren't the only person who has bought this book (or chapter), where are these people? Are they running into the same problems you are implementing the code? I wonder if they have the same ideas you do after reading the chapter and working out the code. Wouldn't you love to have access to them? To the author from time to time?

Of course you would. Each chapter from a By The Numbers book has a corresponding forum that allows you to interact with other readers of the book, as well as the author, as time permits. We are doing this at the same time, why not do it together?

In Closing

I have been wanting to write another book for a while, but wasn't excited about working with traditional publishers. I wanted to connect more with my readers, and produce something that was a good value for your money. I think that with the By The Numbers system I can do that.

I am super excited about where this could go. I have 2 other books in the wings that I want to write and release this way, and I am already talking to some other smart people who are interested in it as well. Everything hinges on how well WordPress By The Numbers sells.

Thanks in advance for reading, and sharing your hard earned money with me. Together we can do something radical to an established industry. Its time to start.

I hope you enjoyed reading WordPress By The Numbers
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