Yep, we're moving to Texas.


Come September 1st, I will have a new job and my family will be living in a new state.

I know what you're thinking. "Chris in Texas, where it's hot, and hot and Oh my Lord it's Hot!" Yeah I try not to think about the melting that will be happening after I get there.

Elevated temperatures aside, I and my family, are very excited about this move. My time at Asbury has been great; I have grown as a person, developer and employee in ways that I didn't think possible a little over three years ago when I took the Web Architect postition.

But as the old saying goes, "Non-sequitur's make me eat lampshades", and let me tell you, that has never been truer than it is right now.

So, new job.

As of September 1st I will be working for the little startup that could, Viewzi. Viewzi is in one word, supercalifreakingawesome. Great people, seriously solid product and big plans for the future API wise. You will not want to be the only kid on your block who hasn't made a view this time next year. Trust the Chris.

I will have more to say when I actually get to Dallas and start slaving away at some PHP, but until then: Viewzi, love it, use it build something gnarly with it.

Oh right, and I have a new site design.

Yeah. It seemed like a good time to do something different with the ol bucket o' sillyness, what with the move in employment and geography and all. I will talk more about the design a little later, but lets just say I wanted something about more subdued than "2008", my previous design.

Look for a Habari theme based on "2008" in the coming weeks. Right, I think that is about it. Let me know what you love/hate about the new layout.